I adopted a very anxious Husky 5 years ago and went through a lot of treatments and approaches on helping him manage his behaviours, each with their varied degrees of success.

However, after just coming across your B-Calm Chews in a pet store I thought on a whim I would give them a try. (Given their natural ingredients I was more inclined as he has previously had a negative effect to pharmaceutical options.)

After 2 weeks, my very vocal, acopic boy started to settle, he was less hyperactive with everyday events, and seemed more relaxed in himself. He seemed to appear happier in his appearance and able to focus on the important things compared to being scattered.

The biggest bonus is he bloody looks forward to eating them every morning as a treat! As previously he would look at me with disgust if I tried to hide his tablets! Although he was underlying anxious, he was still very smart.

We even have scare guns go off near us for apple orchards which he would have been hysterical by but only appears not notice them and not be too concerned after the bites.

I just wanted to pass on thanks for the product as in the past I have tried lots of different techniques to help manage his anxiety and behaviours, but this has by far been the best option.