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10 questions you may have about our Cat chews: B-Calm and DentaShield

10 questions you may have about our Cat chews: B-Calm and DentaShield 

We know that providing the best possible care for your beloved cat is always a top priority. That's why we're excited to answer some frequently asked questions about two NEW cat chews- B-Calm and DentaShield. Deemed as favourites among dogs, we are so excited to provide a specific formula to suit felines. 

So, let's dive into these exciting questions and unlock the secrets behind these innovative cat chews!

1. How do they work?

B-Calm contains L-Tryptophan and Thiamine which nutritionally support the management of stress and anxiety, with a non-sedative non-drowsy action. L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that competes with other amino acids to cross the blood brain barrier where it is then converted to serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for mood stabilisation, appetite, sleep and memory, learning and social behaviours. Thiamine is a vitamin B1 that helps to reduce stress and improve the central nervous system, as well as help with liver, kidneys and brain function. 

DentaShield has a unique combination of concentrated Norwegian brown kelp, and SHMP naturally high in polyphenols which are clinically proven to assist in the reduction of plaque and gingivitis. SHMP aids in the reduction of tartar formation and improves general oral health. 

2. How do know my cat will like the chew?

Our cat chews have undergone significant trials and testing to achieve a deliciously tasty formula. Flavoured with natural Australian ovine plasma and tasty mackerel, with no artificial colours, flavours or binders - making it highly palatable for your cat! 

3. My cat didn’t eat the chew. What do I do?

New additions to your cat’s diet can be overwhelming. Cats can be fussy eaters due to their natural instincts, often turning their nose up at new food and treats. Try crumbling the chew over your cats wet or dry food. This can help your cat become familiar with the treat and then you can slowly transition to feeding the chew on it’s own. 

4. How often should I feed my cat Lovebites chews?

For full effect, DentaShield and B-Calm are should be used as a daily supplement.  

5. How many chews does my cat need?

Provide 1 chew per 5kg of body weight daily. Use this handy guide to work out your cat's dose!

6. How long should I feed my cat Lovebites for?

Forever! Both B-Calm and DentaShield are designed to be used daily and fed for life.

7. Can my cat overdose on B-Calm?

No, Lovebites B-Calm is a non-sedative, non-drowsy formula. If your cat does consume more than the recommended dosage, the excess active ingredients will be excreted naturally via urination.

8. My cat is on prescription SSRIs. Can I still use B-Calm?

If your cat is currently on prescription SSRIs, we recommended you seek advice from your veterinarian before using Lovebites B-Calm.

9. Will DentaShield clean my cat's teeth?

DentaShield assists with the protection of teeth against plaque build-up and the reduction of calculus formation. Pre-existing plaque will not be removed, although it will prevent any further accumulation of plaque and tartar. The only way for tartar to be removed is by a veterinarian dental scale procedure.

10. My cat has sore teeth. Can it still eat DentaShield?

Yes! DentaShield is a super soft and does not require excessive chewing - making it great for cats with sore teeth. The benefits of the chew are still achieved as the active ingredients are excreted through the saliva.

If you have any more questions or want to learn more about our cat chews don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! 

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