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Osteoarthritis in cats

Various implicating factors can increase the risk of Osteoarthritis in cats, including genetics, poor diet, weight gain, old age and cartilage abnormalities. During the cooler months of the year, arthritis can become more prevalent, and pain may increase. 

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Caring for your senior dog

The age range of senior dogs will differ by breed and size. As a pet owner, you should be vigilant for any changes in your dog’s behaviour, movement, and appearance. You may need to make changes to your dog’s routine to better support them. Dogs can often hide pain or discomfort from their owners so frequent check-ups at the vet are advised to monitor your dog’s overall health. Movement Daily exercise is encouraged, even for senior dogs - although you may need to modify the intensity of your dog’s daily exercise. Simply switching from running to walking can be a great way to help promote a healthy dog. Don’t forget to incorporate enrichment games - playing fetch in the park...

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