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I have an incredibly fussy cat that refuses to eat chicken necks, any raw meat and other products recommended for a cats dental health. My vet suggested I try "Vetafarm DentaShield Lovebites". Half a "Lovebite" each day broken into 3 or 4 pieces. Instant success – from day one the "Lovebites" were gone in seconds. She looks forward to her daily "Lovebite" treat and her teeth are strong and healthy.

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We bring the Lovebites FlexJoint treats when we go for Bush walks, break them into small pieces and use them as training treats for recall!We leave her a couple of the B-Calm treats when we go out to help with separation anxiety. During lockdown she’s been used to having us around all the time so we find that these chews help settle her down.We use the Predamax as food topper or as random treats for being such a good girl throughout the day!Her ultimate favourite is the DentaShield! She gets very attentive when I take the packet and will patiently sit and wait to get her treat!

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Our 1-year-old son loves giving Skipper her Lovebites “treats” every morning – FlexJoint, B-Calm and DentaShield. At her regular vet check-up last week the Vet commented on what great condition she’s in for a 10-year-old dog and made particular note of her mobility and teeth. She’s also usually quite an anxious dog at the Vet and this time she didn’t seem to have any concerns whatsoever, which made the experience much more pleasant for us too! Great quality products made by an awesome Aussie company.

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I highly recommend the Vetafarm Lovebites Chews for dogs of all sizes and ages. Since receiving the Predamax, FlexJoint, DentaShield, and B-Calm Lovebites, I have been rotating and feeding my dog Apple these vitamins everyday, which she excitedly accepts and wolfs down in one go.

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Our 9 year old American Staffordshire BJ has been suffering with arthritis in his hip as a result of a break at the age of 2. This year has been difficult for him, particularly in winter. BJ yelped every time he would get up after laying in his bed and limped around.

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