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I adopted a very anxious Husky 5 years ago and went through a lot of treatments and approaches on helping him manage his behaviours, each with their varied degrees of success. However, after just coming across your B-Calm Chews in a pet store I thought on a whim I would give them a try. (Given their natural ingredients I was more inclined as he has previously had a negative effect to pharmaceutical options.)

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Just wanted to let you know what an amazing difference Lovebite B-Calm has made for my 13yr old Maltese Shitzu. He’s been following family members around, having to stay by their side of a day & pacing around of a night, barking to be let out multiple times & suffering anxiety that appear to be dementia. 

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I started Colorado on the B-Calm chews to try and take the edge off his anxiousness. I have struggled with his occasional reactivity and anxiousness for some time now and since starting the B-Calm chews it has helped him feel more comfortable in his surrounds. We have gone through over 2 packets now and I feel this has helped him so much, he will definitely be staying on them. I just want to do what’s best for him and I feel like this has definitely helped him in many ways! 

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“Ollie is a four year old golden retriever. We adopted him when he was a little over 1. Ollie has always been an anxious dog but we have noticed such a difference since starting him on Lovebites B-CALM treats.  We recently had to move house which can be stressful for any dog let alone an anxious one, but with these treats Ollie handled it so well and we were so impressed! We now use these treats daily to keep Ollies anxiety at bay and have added more of the Lovebites into his rotation too! He loves these treats and we love the benefits they have. Thank you Vetafarm for making such a beneficial range of treats.”

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Lovebites and Greyhound Rescue announce PAWtnership!

Lovebites to provide Greyhound Rescue’s Kennel Kids with premium dental health productAt Greyhound Rescue our mission is to provide greyhounds with a place where they can come to learn how to be a pet and to give them the time and space that they need to heal and recover. Learning ‘how to dog’ doesn’t come as easy as you might think for greyhounds. Thankfully, we have over 200 volunteers that regularly devote their time to show these special animals’ human kindness and provide them with tools they need to cope with their new surroundings like how to use stairs, how to play and how to navigate glass doors.Upon arrival at Greyhound Rescue, many hounds are observed to have poor dental health....

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