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Cavoodle Sisters

With so many pet dental health products on the market, I never knew which products to trust, until I discovered Lovebites Dental shield. I’m happy to say they love the delicious Kangaroo taste and its gentle on their sensitive tummies.  I give their Dentalshield tablet after breakfast like a treat. It’s been over 2 months since I started them on the dental shield.  Overall my 3 girls dental health have improved. Their gums, teeth looks healthier and no more bad breath specially our rescue Pomeranian.  The fact that Lovebites dental shield are 100% All Natural made with Australian kangaroo with no nasties or artificial colours, we are giving the Dental Shield 2 thumbs up”. 

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I am so impressed by not only the quality of the dental chews, but also the sleek packaging! it really makes me feel like i am providing my dog with a high end treat, Norwegian Brown Kelp sounds so nourishing and healthy. As for my dog’s opinion, she LOVES them! every time the bag crinkles, she is up and drooling to taste it! the dental properties have by far worked better than any dental sticks we have used, as bad breath is something Indy gets from time to time. It’s wonderful to check the ingredients list and see that they aren’t pumped with fillers and preservatives, it makes you feel responsible as a pet owner. It is also so rewarding...

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