B-Calm - Stress Relief for Dogs
B-Calm - Stress Relief for Dogs

B-Calm - Stress Relief for Dogs

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Stress and anxiety relief for dogs.

Crafted by vets, Lovebites B-Calm chews are tailored to support your dogs well-being by managing stress and anxiety.

Our B-Calm Chews feature L-Tryptophan, a natural building block for serotonin production (neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation and relaxation), along with Thiamine (Vitamin B), aiding in stress reduction and enhancing nervous system responses.

Daily Formula: Perfect for daily support during stressful times.
Vet Formulated: Expertly crafted with L-Tryptophan and Thiamine to alleviate stress and anxiety.
Natural Flavour: Dogs love it.  With Australian ovine plasma, chicken, and kangaroo meat. No artificial additives, colours, or flavours. Plus, it's grain-free for optimal digestion.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a calmer, happier pup with Lovebites B-Calm.

Ingredients: L-Tryptophan (125mg/chew), B Vitamin (Thiamine 1mg/chew). Also contains: kangaroo, ovine plasma, chicken, potato starch, sorbic acid, vegetable oil.


Customer Reviews

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Sue J
B-Calm Chews work a treat

B Calm chews have helped my dog’s anxiety during thunderstorms and loud ongoing noises. She now may get a little unsettled for a short time, compared to completely agitated and running around the house barking for hours. She has even slept through a thunderstorm in the night which has never happened before. Keely thanks you.

Hi Sue, we're so glad that B-Calm has helped to manage Keely's anxiety.

Tiffany Newman
Amazing product.

Initially bought this back home in Australia for travel purposes but now that it is wet season here in Indonesia the storms are worse than usual - so I opened the packet sooner than expected. My beautiful Bali dog Lola was having an anxiety episode with a 4-hour-long storm. Shaking, and pacing, under the bed, would not calm down no matter what I tried. I gave her one of these, put a warm dog jacket on her and within 15 minutes she stopped shaking and pacing and began to relax. These are amazing. I have given her anxitane before but these are better. Will be ordering more and having them sent over. Thank you.

Hi Tiffany, thank you so much for your order. We're so glad that B-Calm has helped to give Lola some relief from her anxiety.

Fantastic - Mini Foxie parent!

My almost 17 year old Mini Foxie girl has always been anxious and absolutely hates the car. My son took care of her recently and she was not a happy girl, the pet store recommended the B-Calm chews for her. When we picked her up from our son, he gave her half a chew about 10minutes before our one hour trip home - the best car ride ever! My sweet little old lady dozed off to sleep on the drive home - bloody amazing! thank you.

Laila White
It works!

Our Rescue Pomeranian is reactive towards other dogs during our walks (work in progress). We give the chews 10 minutes before we live home for our walks. The B-Calm chews helps her calm down and is less reactive. She loves the chews like she loves treats, which is fantastic!


Ollie has always been an anxious dog but we have noticed such a difference since starting him on Lovebites B-CALM treats.
We recently had to move house which can be stressful for any dog let alone an anxious one, but with these treats Ollie handled it so well and we were so impressed! We now use these treats daily to keep Ollies anxiety at bay and have added more of the Lovebites into his rotation too! He loves these treats and we love the benefits they have. Thank you for making such a beneficial range of treats.