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LiverPro - Meal Topper for Dogs and Cats

LiverPro - Meal Topper for Dogs and Cats

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Assists in the prevention of liver dysfunction, as an aid for dogs and cats currently suffering from or in recovery from liver disease.

The liver is an important organ for your dog. The liver is responsible for several processes in a dog’s body. It helps metabolize fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, aids digestion and helps rid the body of waste. 

If the liver isn’t working right, it can make your dog unwell. LiverPro supports normal liver function and the control of destructive enzymes that may cause liver disease. Can be used daily to assist in the prevention of liver dysfunction, as an aid for dogs currently suffering from or in recovery from liver disease.

LiverPro functional meal toppers are suitable for both cats and dogs.

Ingredients - 125 mg/g Silymarin (milk thistle extract), 82.5 mg/g stabilised vitamin C, soy protein isolate (containing amino acids lysine & methionine), ovine plasma.

Directions - Before use: Once primed, aim nozzle at food and dispense pumps as per directions below.

Spray food with 2 pumps of LiverPro per minimum 5kg bodyweight.

Active liver complaint - Provide once daily for 3 weeks or until complaint is resolved.
Liver Maintenance: Provide twice weekly for 3 weeks.

Can also be used as a daily maintenance supplement to support healthy liver function.
50g Package contains approx 450 pumps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michelle McDonald
Great product to help with liver problems

My miniature schnauzer has been diagnosed with liver disease. I contacted Lovebites and they were fantastic they said this product is specially made to help with that. Since I have been adding it to his food his bowel motions are so much better, his coat is shiny and he has so much more energy. I also use the probiotic as well as recommended and even my vet was surprised when I told her how well he is going.

Hi Michelle, it's excellent news to know that LiverPro has already began to improve your dogs health. We look forward to hearing further improvements in the future.

Great supplement!

We use LiverPro Meal Topper as a preventative supplement for our Dalmatian. Since using the Topper we have recognised a huge difference to Jack’s digestive health, it has also helped him maintain a healthy weight. He loves the taste of the Topper as he patiently waits every night for it to be put on his dinner.

Trish Ashe
Excellent service and delivery

Prior to ordering Liverpro for my cat, I contacted Lovebites, asking a number of questions. Aylish was very prompt in responding, each time, and she answered all of my questions. The parcel arrived quickly and there was a lovely handwritten note inside the box. It was a pleasure dealing with Aylish.