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DentaShield Chews
DentaShield Chews
DentaShield Chews

DentaShield Chews

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Approximately 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from some form of dental disease.

DentaShield chews are a functional treat designed to combat dental disease using a unique combination of Norwegian Brown Kelp and SHMP. Norwegian Brown Kelp is rich in natural compounds that may interfere plaque accumulation and SHMP helps in the prevention of tartar formation.

DentaShield chews do not require excessive chewing – great for dogs with sore teeth and small dogs that have difficulty with larger traditional sized dental treats.

Norwegian brown kelp (714mg/chew), SHMP (Sodium Hexametaphosphate) (193mg/chew). Also contains: kangaroo meat, ovine plasma, sorbic acid, sorbitol, chicken, vegetable oil. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Daniela Tzvetkov

Highly recommend this product, have been using it for a while, my Cavoodle loves the taste, easy way to clean the teeth and her breath has improved. Thank you 🙏

Tick of approval!

I am so impressed by not only the quality of the dental chews but also the sleek packaging! It really makes me feel like I am providing my dog with a high end treat, Norwegian Brown Kelp sounds so nourishing and healthy. As for my dog’s opinion, she LOVES them! Every time the bag crinkles, she is up and drooling to taste it! The dental properties have by far worked better than any dental sticks we have used, as bad breath is something Indy gets from time to time. It’s wonderful to check the ingredients list and see that they aren’t pumped with fillers and preservatives, it makes you feel responsible as a pet owner. It is also so rewarding for her and great to support her training. This line is so promising and Indy definitely gives the tick of approval!

Instant success

I have an incredibly fussy cat that refuses to eat chicken necks, any raw meat and other products recommended for a cat's dental health. My vet suggested I try DentaShield, half a chew a day broken into 3 or 4 pieces. Instant success – from day one the chews were gone in seconds. She looks forward to her daily treat and her teeth are strong and healthy.

Amazing product

This product is amazing my dogs hated having their teeth cleaned so these chews are amazing to help keep my dogs teeth clean they are so convenient and my dogs love them. These are great for my senior dog who couldn't chew other dental treats and they are also great for my younger dog who won't sit still for me to clean her teeth. These are a life saver.

Mary Savage
Happy puppy

I have just started giving my chihuahua Lilah the DentalShield. She loves the taste of them and so far I believe they are already helping with her bad breath. I hope over time it helps with the plaque build up.