Predamax - Wellbeing for Dogs

Predamax - Wellbeing for Dogs

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Dietary supplement for dogs.

It can be difficult to ensure that dogs are receiving their necessary nutritional requirements, as not all diets provide adequate amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals that our pets need. Raw feed, and low-grade kibble may have unbalanced nutritional value. Older dogs, lactating bitches, puppies and working dogs are at higher risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

Predamax functional treats are a dietary supplement that supports animals fed unbalanced diets by providing 25% of the dog’s daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

(Per chew) Vitamins: A (770 IU), B1 (358 µg), B2 (862μg), B3 (2.2mg), B5 (761μg), B6 (220μg), B9 (8.9μg), B12 (0.8µg), D3 (78 IU), E (325µg) & K (250μg)
Minerals: Calcium (291mg), Phosphorus (147.6mg), Cobalt (7.6 μg), Iodine (53μg), Iron (1.5 mg) & Manganese (242μg),
Also contains: Kangaroo meat, ovine plasma, chicken, potato starch, sorbic acid, sorbitol, vegetable oil, choline, zinc, magnesium.

Customer Reviews

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Pamela Urch

Tess has in the past enjoyed her Lovebites and really looks forward to them. Following a recent surgery we decided to try the wellbeing treats to help in her recovery given how well the other varieties worked for her in the past.

Quick and tasty way to get their daily essentials.

My German Shepherds have these with their raw food at breakfast. Easy way so early in the morning to make sure they have what they need for their days work.


These Vitamins supplements are great 👍 my dog thinks they great treats
Very fast delivery


I feed my 8 year old border collie Tosh Predamax chews along with his raw diet to ensure he’s getting all his nutritional requirements! We love them!