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Synbiotic Meal Topper

Synbiotic Meal Topper

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The health of the microbiome in our pet’s gut is absolutely essential for a healthy life. The bacteria in the microbiome help digest food, regulate the immune system and protect against other bacteria that cause disease.

Synbiotic is a 9-Strain probiotic blend with natural prebiotic (chicory root extract). Prebiotics aid in a balancing the digestive system and optimizing digestion of feed. Prebiotics feed and nourish gut flora, help to improve immune function, and assists in the growth of beneficial bacteria (especially useful after antibiotics and illness).

Synbiotic meal toppers are suitable for both cats and dogs.


Probiotics: (308 million CFU/g) Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.casei, L. salivarius, L.plantarum, L.rhamnosus, L.brevis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, B.lactis, S. thermophilus.
Prebiotic: Inulin (Chicory Root Extract),
Also contains: Kangaroo meat, soy protein isolate.