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Caring for your senior dog

The age range of senior dogs will differ by breed and size. As a pet owner, you should be vigilant for any changes in your dog’s behaviour, movement, and appearance. You may need to make changes to your dog’s routine to better support them. Dogs can often hide pain or discomfort from their owners so frequent check-ups at the vet are advised to monitor your dog’s overall health.


Daily exercise is encouraged, even for senior dogs - although you may need to modify the intensity of your dog’s daily exercise. Simply switching from running to walking can be a great way to help promote a healthy dog. Don’t forget to incorporate enrichment games - playing fetch in the park or making up obstacle courses in the backyard helps to keep your dog’s brain stimulated.

If you notice a change in your dog’s mobility, they may be suffering from joint pain or osteoarthritis. Minor modifications can be added to your dog’s daily routine to help make them feel comfortable as your dog may not be able to jump up to high surfaces like they used to (couch, stairs, car). Adding a ramp to these areas may help your dog to get around while also protecting their joints. FlexJoint Chews can support dogs suffering with symptoms of osteoarthritis. FlexJoint contains New Zealand green lipped mussel which helps to reduce inflammation and glucosamine which provides the nutritional components for joint function and repair.


Just like humans, dogs’ immune systems weaken as they age. Feeding your dog premium dog food with a nutritious diet is essential to promote optimum health. If your dog is a fussy eater or you struggle to feed them a nutrient-dense diet Predamax Meal Topper can be added to your dog’s meals to provide them with 50% of their daily vitamins and minerals. Predamax provides essential support for bones, coat, brain, and immune function. Don’t forget - if your dog is moving less you may need to reduce the serving size of their meals to help promote a healthy body weight.


Dogs appearances can often change as they age. Their fur may become grey or their dental hygiene may suffer. It’s important to still maintain your dog’s overall hygiene by frequently washing, brushing, and trimming your dog’s nails. Dental hygiene is a common issue that senior dogs suffer from so don’t forget to visit your vet for regular teeth cleaning. DentaShield Chews can be used to promote a healthy smile. The soft palatable chews are perfect for dogs with sore and brittle teeth. DentaShield works from the inside out – Brown Norwegian Kelp and SHMP assist in reducing the build-up of tartar and plaque on the teeth and helps reduce bad breath.

As your dog enters their senior years there is nothing to worry about, your dog may just require some extra care. Being aware of where your dog may need some extra assistance can help them live a healthy happy life!

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