Teaching your dog simple commands

Do you want to teach your dog some simple tricks and are unsure where to start? Starting with basic commands can be a great way to get your dog excited and engaged. Choose simple phrases and gestures that work best for you and your dog. Don’t forget to have plenty of treats on hand as rewards and recognition is important to let your dog know when they’ve done the right thing.

Let’s get training

Teaching your dog is a simple command to begin with. Position yourself in front of your dog and hold a treat above its nose. You can use your dog’s name and ask them to sit. You may need to repeat the process a few times before your dog gets the hang of it. When your dog has mastered sitting you can progress onto more complex commands. Repeat the same process as before, instead change the command and hold the treat where you’d like your dog to move. For example, if you’d like your dog to lie down then tell them to lie down and hold the treat close to the ground. It may take a few times for your dog to understand different commands. Don’t forget to praise your dog if they complete the command and reward them with treats.


Mistakes can happen


After plenty of practice, your dog might not always complete a command. Avoid punishing your dog and instead repeat the command and try again. Raising your voice and showing anger towards your dog may scare them. maintain a calm voice and praise them for trying. Try to stay frequent with completing the commands, as this will help your dog to remember each phrase and gesture.

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