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Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in dogs, affecting one quarter of the dog population. It is a degenerative disease that causes pain and inflammation in your dog's joints. The disease can be caused by injury or trauma, or it may develop over time as a result of wear and tear on the joints. Causing pain, loss of mobility and deformity of the affected joints. The disease can impact dogs of any age and breed. The severity and pain can vary depending on each individual dog.

What are the symptoms? 

Osteoarthritis can be be present in many forms from decreased activity, difficulty moving, limping, restlessness, whimpering and stiffness. Overtime symptoms can worsen due to cartilage breakdown and inflammation.

How to manage arthritis?

Osteoarthritis cannot be cured, although you can help your dog feel more comfortable by reducing the stress on their joints and managing the pain.

  • Ensure a healthy weight is maintained to help to reduce the progression of osteoarthritis by reducing the stress on the joints.
  • Swapping strenuous exercise for low-impact movement may help to reduce the pressure off your dog's joints.
  • Symptoms of arthritis can increase during the colder months of the year. Providing your dog with extra warmth can be helpful.
  • FlexJoint contains a synergistic combination of New Zealand green-lipped mussel and glucosamine. This helps to provide advanced relief from debilitating arthritic symptoms in dogs. Give daily for best results.


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