Zambi Wildlife Retreat is home to 5 rescued dogs, with Bubba (Head of Security) being the oldest at 11 years of age. Bubba is a large breed dog and has been diagnosed with arthritis in her right front leg. X-rays showed that it was a joint deterioration from her age. This can be quite painful, and she presented noticeable lameness.

Zambi does its best to improve the health and well-being of animals in our care. With the help of Vetafarm we have become a leader in excellent animal welfare. We wanted to take a more natural approach to assist Bubba and decided to trial Vetafarm's Lovebites FlexJoint. This product contains a combination of New Zealand green lipped mussel and glucosamine, both well known to assist with arthritic symptoms. The tasty chews are very palatable, and Bubba had no issues enjoying them as a daily treat.

It has now been just over four weeks since we started Bubba on her daily heart shaped treats, and the result has been excellent. There has been a noticeable improvement in her lameness and she has been seen playing and running with younger dogs, which really shows the pain relief she must have.

Zambi will continue giving Bubba this great product, and we are certain she is not going to mind at all.

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